Molehill Waste Clearance Ltd are happy to offer a new black bag removal service.

With the local council and government guidelines tightening the amount of black bag rubbish households are allowed to put out for collection we are now offering an additional collection.

Do you find that the new allowance for household waste isn’t enough or the fortnightly collection means black bags start to pile up?

Well if so please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a quick and easy collection of your bags. We don’t have a minimum amount or charge, we simply charge £2.00 (plus vat = £2.40) per bag. We will send you a completed waste transfer note proving that they have been dealt with responsibly along with the invoice for the collect.

So if it’s a one off collection or a regular collection do not hesitate to contact Molehill Waste Clearance on 07884 438373 for your collection!