Scrap Metal Collection

Cash Back Metal Collection

Unlike most waste removal companies, Molehill Waste Clearance will offer you money back on your non-ferrous scrap metals. We will collect scrap metal and offer cashback metal recycling where possible.


What if my scrap metal is worth more than the charge for the waste collected?

If you have more waste of value than other waste we can pay you or if you plan to use us again put it towards your next waste collection.

I only have scrap metal to dispose of will you still buy it?

We will collect and pay for scrap metal collection (non-ferrous) in most cases even if you do not have other waste to dispose of.

Is there a minimum amount of scrap metal you will buy?

We will not pay for one off small amounts of scrap metal or one-off single items, for example, a single appliance. In these cases, we will collect for a small charge depending on location. If in doubt give us a call.

I generate small amounts of scrap metal and waste regularly, will you still collect and buy it?

Yes, small regular scrap metal collections of all types of waste are fine and will come under the money back scheme.

How do I know how much space my waste will take up and how much will it cost to dispose of?

It is difficult to work this out. We have designed the charges page to make it as easy as possible but until it’s loaded you can’t be sure. We work out volumes in cubic yards rather than meters to compare against skips so one way is to work out what size skip you would order.

When will I be paid for scrap metal or other material?

We have portable scales but do not usually weigh metals until we are back at our yard and the waste is being sorted. Payments are arranged by the office once the waste has been processed, usually the same day. We provide receipts and waste transfer notes for all collections for your peace of mind.